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Transportation engineering and construction projects require experience and effective coordination between the project owner, the engineering team, the Department of Transportation, developers, municipalities, state agencies, and others. At A&M, every member of our Transportation Engineering Group has an extensive background in transportation engineering as well as strong experience in collaborating with everyone involved in these projects.

Our Transportation Engineering Capabilities and Services Include: Highway and Roadway Design, Project Management, Traffic Signal Analyses and Design, Transportation Planning, Site Access, Traffic Impact Feasibility Studies, State and Local Permitting, Environmental Permitting, Parking and Traffic Circulation, Streetscape Enhancement, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Topographic & Boundary Surveys, Signing and Striping plans, traffic control plans, and signal optimization.

While things like safety issues, capacity requirements, last-minute design changes, and navigating the permitting process can be challenging and demanding, our experience gives us a unique insight into providing solutions and bringing projects to successful completion. We stay diligent throughout the process—from bidding to design, studies, permitting, and on through construction and closeout—to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met, and the best possible results are attained.

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Our Transportation Engineering Disciplines

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Impact Studies
Traffic Data Collection
Trip Generation
Parking Lot Traffic Circulation

A&M performs traffic studies in the California Area. Our ability to work under various traffic impact studies guidelines has been aptly demonstrated by our work involving various DOTs, municipalities, and counties within the California region. 

The studies have ranged in size from small convenience stores to 1600-acre multi-use developments generating hundreds of vehicle trips per day. Included in the preparation of the traffic impact studies have been intersection capacity analyses, coordinated signal system analyses, signal warrant studies, bicycle and pedestrian analyses, roundabout analyses, accident analysis, and gap analyses. In conducting traffic analyses, we utilize the most current technology and software available, including TransModeler, Synchro, & Highway Capacity Software.


  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Trip Generation
  • Parking Lot Traffic Circulation
  • Speed Studies
  • Signal Warrant Studies

Roadway Design



Our engineers have extensive experience in transportation engineering, roadway design, and sidewalk design for both public and private sector clients throughout California. Our staff can provide design services for any size project, from widening projects to roundabouts to interchange designs. Clients rely on our extensive design experience and hands-on knowledge of DOT policies and procedures to assure the most effective solutions for their projects.


  • Roadway and Sidewalk Design Plans
  • Intersection Improvement Design
  • Transit / Bus Stop Design
  • Highway and Interchange Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Maintenance, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Design

Traffic Operations Design



The preparation of traffic signal designs is one of A&M’s recognized specialties. We perform traffic signal designs as well as signal upgrades involving numerous types of equipment and geometric configurations. Our design experience includes the development of signal timing plans, emergency vehicle pre-emption, railroad pre-emption, pedestrian actuation and safety needs, inductive loop and video image vehicle detection, and various interconnect systems including time based, hard wired, fiber optic, and spread spectrum radio.

A&M’s engineers can help with developing timing plans for isolated intersections as well as urban pre-timed grid networks of signals and signal systems promoting coordinated arterial traffic flow. We also assist municipalities in developing traffic signal timing, phasing, and coordination plans using computer software such as Synchro and TruTraffic.


  • Isolated Traffic Signal Design
  • Coordinated Traffic Signal Design
  • Cable Routing Plans
  • Electrical Detail Plans
  • Temporary Signal Design
  • “Red Light” Camera Plans
  •  Signal Timing Implementation
  •  ITS
  • Signing Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Pavement Marking Plans
  • Coordinated Signal System Studies