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Water — the world’s most vital resource — makes thriving communities possible. In our communities, water plays a central role in the relationship between growing populations, energy and food. Meeting the water and wastewater needs of your customers requires innovation and experience solving the most challenging projects.

We specialize in helping you get projects from concept to completion quickly and efficiently. From cost-effective water and wastewater treatment plants to combined sewer overflow programs, aquifer supply development and water reuse systems, our teams can help maximize your financial and staffing resources.

We know how to design and construct a project that will take your community into the next century, whether your community needs green infrastructure solutions, smart water systems or renewal projects for aging infrastructure.

Most importantly, we find ways to address your most important challenges that keep you up at night. We understand that your concerns must be addressed with solutions that work on your schedule, within your budget — and meet the needs of your community and business.

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Municipalities, special districts and private industries are tasked with the continued challenge of expanding water systems to meet ever-increasing demands while maintaining existing aging systems through replacements and rehabilitations.

Tackling these challenges is at the core of our experience. We have proven comprehensive technical capabilities to take your water distribution or transmission pipeline, pump station or storage project from conceptual planning, design and construction through system startup.

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Water Supply & Distribution

Pump Stations


Pump stations come in a wide range of types, from small packaged units to large buried facilities to conventional, above-grade architectural buildings. Your project requires a solution that meets your unique design parameters.

Our water transmission and distribution team provides engineering services for potable and raw water pump stations around California. Our capabilities encompass all facets of pumping facility projects, including siting, hydraulics, modeling, layouts, control valves, and surge protection.

Source Development & Groundwater Supply


Groundwater resources are both finite and interconnected with our overall environmental health. Complex regulations and policies seek to balance the need to use groundwater resources with the desire to protect them.

Our team understands source water quality and quantity and the impact those factors have on treatment and conveyance. We take a comprehensive approach using sophisticated site investigation techniques, including geophysics and rotosonic drilling to identify and characterize the groundwater supply.

We help you maneuver the increasingly complex regulatory environment, including permitting and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) rules. Our predictive modeling tools help demonstrate sustainability of supplies and evaluate potential impacts on both other users and the water resource.

Water Pipelines & Conveyance


Our water transmission and distribution team has designed miles of transmission and distribution water pipelines. Our capabilities encompass all facets required for your next transmission or distribution project, including routing, hydraulics, alternative materials evaluation, alternative construction techniques, crossings (borings, HDD, micro-tunneling), environmental impact assessments, outside agency coordination, permitting, cathodic protection, construction management and all other challenges associated with pipeline projects.

Our team takes a “total solution” approach to pipeline and conveyance projects, taking into consideration pipe materials (steel, PVC, HDPE, ductile iron), bedding materials, coatings, and construction technologies. We will develop a customized solution to your project and its specific challenges, rather than use a “one size fits all” approach. Let us put our broad experience with all lengths and diameters of pipeline to work for your next project.

Water Storage


Storage tank options in today’s market are numerous. You need a design partner who understands the specifics of your tank project to provide independent guidance on the selection and implementation of a cost-effective and tailored solution.

Our water transmission and distribution team has designed every alternative tank type available. We help you analyze your needs to select the right tank, applying our experience comparing and designing tank and reservoir systems. Your options include storage facility materials, such as concrete and steel, but also design and construction options for each of those materials. For concrete tanks, we evaluate cast-in place conventionally reinforced, pre-stressed and post-tensioned, among other criteria. Similarly, our team evaluates and designs both fully welded and field bolted steel tanks.

Sustainable Groundwater Management


In 2014, the State of California adopted historic legislation to help manage its groundwater, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) 

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